Fibre Arts Workshops


Fibre Arts New Zealand runs fibre arts events that provide participants with the opportunity to work with both New Zealand and overseas artists and craftspeople who are experts in their fields. 

The main event is a five day residential event with six workshops on offer targeting different levels of knowledge.  Some workshops focus on techniques whilst others are designed to push the participants to think about their creative practice in a new light or in a new direction.  Participants select one workshop and work with that tutor for the duration of the event.

Fibre Arts 2020

Five Day Residential Fibre Arts Retreat

Whanganui Girls College               

20 - 26 April 2020

Eszter Bornemisza (Hungary)

'Artist Book out of the Box'

During the workshop we will make artist books of small items that the students bring with them.  They can be all kind of collected things that are not too heavy and fit into a small box.  Starting with a shoe box several ways of arranging and fixing items will be considered along with covering the box with related surface design elements.  

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Erica Gray (Australia) '

'Sculptured Accessories'

Join Erica in utilising some of her favourite techniques to explore sculptured accessories.  This workshop incorporates hand-built sculpture techniques, some incorporated new tech as well as traditional sewing techniques.

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Print Making Sisters (Australia) - 'Contemporary Etching'

The Printmaking Sisters take the mystery out of Aluminium Etching in a course suitable for artists and enthusiasts at any level of knowledge from newcomers to experienced printmakers.

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Julie Ryder (Australia)

'Introduction to Natural Dyes and Mordant Printing'

Discover the magic of printing with mordants in conjunction with a range of natural dyes. 

Mordant printing is a centuries old process whereby different colours can be obtained on your cloth from just one natural dyebath.

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Victoria Stevens (NZ)

'sublimely yours,'

The focus of this workshop is to challenge the notion of what textiles can or should depict; to shift the expected humility of Woman’s work into a narrative that celebrates the feminine.

During the workshop you will be encouraged to re-interpret traditional sewing skills, challenging the perception of traditional domestic skills.

Susan Stover (USA)

'Mixed Media Encaustic Sculpture'

This workshop will focus on exploring wall sculpture and 3D forms in combination with a variety of media and encaustic. 

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