Whanganui Girls College                21 - 27 April 2019


Kristy Kún (USA)

Texture Techniques with Needled Wool

Rich textures in wool felt are achieved by constructing layouts of thick needled wool and wet felting them into a densely felted textile.  Participants will create sample-sized works, learning techniques for ribs, vertical joints, and petals.  Each participant’s unique design will emerge from the way materials are shaped, cut, and formed.  The final lesson explores techniques for creating sculptural flowers with refined petal forms and delicate tendrils.  Participants will test using materials layered with silk fibre and fabric for detail and added strength on delicate forms.

The basic steps for creating this type of work are:

  • Preparation of materials
  • Dry assembly - Needle felting
  • Wetting/bonding - wet felting
  • Finishing and setting the shape

Additional topics of discussion:

  • Complex materials
  • Mounting wall hung 2d and sculptural artworks
  • Applying the techniques to wearable works and sculptural objects (vessels)

About Kristy Kún

Kristy Kún is an accomplished felter moved by the transformative qualities of wool and plant fibres and their parallels to environmental transformations; birth, fruition, decay. Her current work advances the sculptural capabilities of hand-made wool felt, drawing on a previous career in woodworking to create complex joinery and sculptural forms in fibre.

Having dedicated thirteen years to building mortise and tenon constructed furniture from reclaimed wood, her respect for materials and craftsmanship in their reverential structure, is planted deep.


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