Whanganui Girls College                21 - 27 April 2019


Sue Jury - UK 

Marking the Landscape

The workshop will begin with basic mark-making, focusing on line and tone.  Then continue onto mono-printing and other techniques, such as simple batik.  We will be working with a variety of papers and basic discharge fabrics.  By manipulating and working into these backgrounds, a range of exciting samples will be created.  These samples will be the basis for an interesting finished piece.  A limited colour palette will be used to aid us in developing successful solutions.  Individuals who need colour may use one simple colour in their work.

The workshop is about creativity, fun and play.

About Sue Jury

Sue Jury originally trained as a Registered Nurse and Midwife. During her training she became interested in the creative arts, and in particular ceramics.  She set up her own business (with the help of a government scheme) making Ceramic Jewellery.  She ran a studio with three other potters for 12 years

To get some formal training, which is what she was looking for at that time, Sue completed City and Guilds in Creative Embroidery Parts I and II.  She received the ‘Medal of Excellence’ for both parts, a national award.

Sue worked part time at her textile work as she was also working full time as a Registered Nurse, which she also loved.  Sue took early retirement a couple of years ago in order to take time to focus on her creative work and give herself some more time for outdoor activities that she hadn’t really had time for.

Sue is now a keen hill/mountain walker and is involved in two clubs, regularly going out to walk in the Scottish mountains.  More recently, as an amateur botanist, she has also become involved in recording plants seen in various areas of Scotland.

Sue’s inspiration for her work comes mainly from the landscape around her as she walks in it, from anywhere between the sea to the tops of the mountains. The landscape with its changing seasons thrills her, changing colours, patterns and textures. In Britain, there are a variety of weather patterns.  It is constantly changing, bringing changing moods and light. A photographer’s paradise, Sue is never without a camera.

Man too, has left his mark on the land, leaving interesting shapes and forms. The art of ‘early’ peoples has been a visual fascination for Sue for a while now. Sue has been fortunate to travel quite a lot in the last few years.  This has brought inspiration in so many ways. Travel is a chance to see different landscapes and different peoples and their art from early civilisation to present day.  So much of it is wonderful and inspiring. 

Sue visits art galleries and museums where ever she is. Artists themselves, in whatever discipline, are a constant source of inspiration and keep her motivated to produce some new and ongoing work.  Artists always inspire artists.

Sue tends to work on her textile art more in the winter when the days are short and dark.  The summer brings light and relief, with long hours of daylight and Sue has to escape and be out in it, she is never still.


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